I enjoy transforming the hard and cold properties of stone and bronze to expose a sense of warmth and calm.

The quality, properties and shape of each uncarved block I find are important to my approach. Working in a primary stylized format, I feel I can stay true to the original block and best reveal my vision. The repetition of strong lines and surface planes enhance the beauty of the stone which brings the piece to life.

The modeling technique in the bronze process allows more freedom in conception of a subject while still maintaining the stylized format of the stone pieces. I place a lot of importance on the patinas, which I feel further enhances the transformation of the stone-like quality to my bronze works.

Stone and bronze create both a physical and mental challenge. I find peace in the process and look forward to their challenges every day.

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Survival “An owl is shown here hunting a rabbit. It is an intense moment that plays itself out in nature amongst many species. The owl needs the rabbit for its survival and the rabbit needs to escape for its survival. The outcome is yet to be decided.”

“… Nelson’s Denis Kleine presents a lovely work in marble for Sculpturewalk viewers. Survival depicts the struggle that is everyday life for animals – in this case a snowy owl and an Arctic hare. Utilizing a large block of marble he has sculpted the age-old conflict between hunter and prey. The marble is a beautiful, pure white. Kleine chose his theme based in part on his material. “It speaks of the winter environment they live in,” he says. …” – by Bill Macpherson, writer/editor, Harrop BC.

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